IBE Eidlin Engineering

Newcomer with long experience in development and application engineering.

You are looking for new solutions to ensure long-term marketability of your product.

Together we will find the right approach!

I am offering you the following services:

Development / design

  • load /weight oriented design of mechanical engineering elements, assemblies, vehicle structures by means of FEM LS-DYNA
  • on demand - design of test-rigs to enable validation of the FEM calculation
  • structural investigation under different dynamic loads
  • short-term-dynamic load cases like explosive load
  • feasibility studies
  • temporary prototype construction on site (aluminum, steel, composite materials, sandwich superstructures)
  • environment tests incl. endurance tests of components and assemblies (externally)
  • development and construction of measuring-technical facilities
  • quick and competent consultation which saves you a lot of money and time
  • project support from draft to quantity production

Test support

  • consultation before the implementation of vehicle tests after NATO norm AEP-55
  • quick analysis of weak spots. Experience is based on more than 100 vehicle tests, partially self-constructed and successfully passed
  • quality control of test data at the test location and later analysis by means of software "DIADEM", if required
  • conceptual design and specification of the security relevant functions

Following developments belong to my achievements:

  • participation in setting up the measuring-technical lab to execute vehicle tests regarding to AEP-55
  • mine-protected transport container
  • mine load absorbing seats which are using in several vehicle models
  • mine-rig to investigate the behavior of vehicle bottom structures
  • hydraulic cylinder to measure mine loads
  • mine load protected hydraulic door locking system. Several hundred vehicles already are in use
  • double-walled, footbridge-linked construction of vehicle bottom
  • new concepts for modification of vehicles in the seat and bottom area to increase the mine-protective level